When The Lights Go Out

No matter how many times I sit through a hurricane, it’s usually a 50/50 chance that I will lose power to my house. Usually it doesn’t bother me too much. But this year just seems a little more eerie. Maybe it’s the mind fucking game the weather channel has been playing on us in regards to the direction and path of the storm. Maybe it’s also because no matter which direction it goes, I still have skin in the game.

But as I sit here in the dark, I contemplated on a lot things that I could have done better in preparing for this storm. Like most Floridians, I usually don’t put much stalk into my readiness until it’s time to do so. Then when it’s go time, it’s usually an intense non-stop high stress work to get shit done.

Things that I knew I should have taken care off since last year, I slacked on. Instead of spending my dollars wisely, I spend it on range time and gear. But the one gear that really wish I had is night vision goggles.

There were plenty of times through out the entire year that I was given the opportunity to buy it. But a part of me refused to just settle for a low end brand and wanted to wait until I had even more money saved up to buy what I really wanted. It’s that saying of buy once, cry once. After all, night vision goggles and accessories are expensive. That’s like buying a Sterling Mark IV.

But as I sit here in the dark, I hear my neighbors walking about the neighborhood in the dark. The storm is still spewing rain and howling wind speeds at near 65 mph and yet these weirdos are out and about. Or are these looters lurking to rob all of us blind? On the radio, they reported over 28 shit heads were already arrested for looting.

Night vision would be handy just about now.

A lot of us are trained to shoot in perfect lighting conditions. But seeing how shitty the storm is and the potential threats outside my fortress of plywood shutters looking to break in, I am really at a disadvantage. Sure I can clear my house with my flashlight. But there’s no way I can engage multiple threats in different directions all at once, in the dark.

So I guess having cheap NVGs is better than no NVGs.

Your Own First Response

Another interesting thing that I keep forgetting is how quickly comms will go. In a matter of a few hours after losing electricity, the cell tower in my area took a shit. That meant I really had no data service at all. I could barely text anyone. Voice calling is in low quality. So in the event of a true emergency, how would I be able to call for help?

One options that I was looking into is getting my Ham Radio Operator license. They are cheap but you gotta invest some time in the classes. But I guess if it ain’t tactical shooting, then it’s not a priority. Seriously though, it would have been a nice skill set to have.

Throughout the night, there were a few times that all first responders were called off post due to the storm. So I seriously doubt that my stink ass or yours would take priority here.

No first responders. So how are you going to fix yourself in terms of medical attention?

We are alone, like it’s a SHTF event. Cause if we are unfortunate to lose our home, then yeah, it’s really the hurricane tossing the shit right back into your face. And if you’re injured, do you have the skills to treat your wounds, in the dark?

A Brand New Day

I don’t know if I was lucky to be spared by the hurricane’s wrath. But I am thankful that the Lord watched over me and my family. I still don’t have cell or comms available. But as soon as I do, I will see to find my friend in St. Croix as well as my other friends throughout the state.

Right now it’s like 0400 morning. The storm has passed through. Venturing about my neighborhood, the full moon still shines brightly through the remnants of the storm clouds. I can spot fallen trees on the streets. My yard is wreck. But how extensive the damage is to my home, I won’t know until I check later this morning.

When the sun rise in a few hours, it will be another chance for us lucky folks to think through our preparations. Re-evaluate our skills and mindset. Did we do what we need to do? Will we be more diligent and prepare ourselves properly?

After all, it’s a brand new day to be thankful and already another storm is forming just off the coast of Africa.