Rock You Like A Hurricane

At the time of this writing, I was getting my house ready for a pending Hurricane. I spent so much time cleaning up my yard, putting up shutters all around my house and moving all loose items that were on my yard inside my house. Needless to say, it was quite a bit of an eerie feeling looking around my entire neighborhood seeing everyone doing the same thing. Even though it’s a category four and five hurricane, it felt like a bomb was about to go off and we all had a small amount of time to batten down the hatches and get squared away. The storm then was only a day away.

When all that I could do were done, waking up inside my house just seemed a little more gloomy. Maybe it’s because I surrounded myself in this fortress of plywood and shutters, that no visible daylight was able to come through the sealed windows. The AC was still kicking and the refrigerator was still cooling. It was now only a matter of hours and I can see the clouds flying in as if old winter arrived to claim some souls. Yet my watch was reading 1100 and I haven’t had breakfast yet.

Still, I stepped outside just to catch the last breeze of fresh air. And that smell of rain is something of alluring in scent. But I was not the only one out. My neighbors were gathered outside doing last minute checks and trying to get some more shit done.

Talking to my neighbors, some of them were taking the storm seriously. Others were like, “Whatever, we got some water.” And according to the latest forecast, the death ray cone has shifted away from us. Naturally, a lot of people were no longer afraid. In fact, they even let loose a little. Maybe jumped for joy too soon, like when you get that negative report on your home pregnancy test.

In fact, did we just selfishly forget those people on the island? I sure didn’t. My old school and team mate is from St. Croix. I haven’t spoken to him in years, but now I’m wondering if he and his family are ok.

If anyone who lived through any hurricanes, in particular Wilma, Katrina or Harvey, then you know that “whatever” is not a good mindset. But for those who are new to experiencing this hurricane, this whole “getting ready to die by hurricane” is a bit nerve wrecking. I know the timing of this article is a suck, but hopefully it can beneficial for the next season.

Plan to Exfil

First and foremost, plan for the worst case scenario. In this case, plan for evacuation. What does this mean? Essentially, know your city’s evacuation routes. Know where all the shelters are and have back up plans to get there or alternative places to go. Also if you have to evacuate, chances are your vehicles are damaged or the roads are highly jammed up. So you might have to find some other transpo.

Plan to Fortify

Now, lets say you have a decent home or living place. Maybe you want to stay in and ride the storm out. That’s cool and all, but are you secured?

Some of the low cost things you can do is by putting up plywood around your windows. Getting sandbags placed along the perimeter of your homes. Of course, there are better upgrades to these items as well, but like most things, it comes at a cost. For example, I rather have impact windows then having to keep putting up shutters every time. But then again, since I don’t go to the gym that often anymore, I guess it’s more of a workout for me, so that’s a good thing knowing my fat ass is doing squats and shit; so now I can ride the storm in soreness as I chow down on these ice cream I got in the fridge.

Now that you secured your place, what about supplies? You have all the food and water you need? Or are you planning on doing your own version of being “Naked and Afraid”? If you do, just be careful cause your neighbors might just shoot you thinking you’re Big Foot or some sicko perv. Either way, I recommend stockpiling some provisions. Always good to have extra, food, water, condoms cause you never know how many hungry and thirsty hot chicks are going to knock on your door. By chance, if that happens, keep your head on a swivel cause it might be an ambush. They are there to rob you or trick you into marriage. But I’ll talk more about that later.

When All Has Failed

When your humble Castle falls under the attack of that relentless Hurricane Bitch and you’re forced to pop-smoke, again, make sure you have your own bug out bag with the proper supplies. But what good is a bug out bag if you overload it with crap that you can’t physically carry? But it’s a good thing you got muscles from putting them shutters up so no worries!

You can Google just about anything for some good supplies list in a bug out bag. But in my experience, it’s better to plan for what you know will make your life miserable when you have no power. No air conditioner. No internet. Most importantly, the basics. For me, it will vary. It could be my identification cards, cell phone, couple of protein bars, CamelBak, dry clothes, and a first aid kit with a tourniquet. I mean, that would be the minimalistic approach. Cause if I had to bug out, I want to move quick. The suck part is not knowing for long will you be out. Look at Houston’s devastation from Harvey’s wake. Lots of families are displaced with no home, car, or the basics.

But like anything, hopefully you have a plan. Hopefully, you have some one or someplace you can go to and stay for awhile if shit gets that bad.

Looters and Mob

Dire situations brings out the worst in people. Other times, it brings out the best. But one thing is common are looters, thieves, scammers, con-artists, and the like. So that means whether you are staying in a shelter or you’re hunkering in your bunker, your awareness should be highly focus.

There was a time, when I was living in NYC, I was trying to catch a flight at 0600 from LaGuardia. So waking up all tired, I made my way to Central Station to catch that bus to the airport. But there was this car shuttle there. The driver walked up and took my bag and put it in his car. He told me he will take me to the airport. Of course, I was thinking ok cool, lets go. But we didn’t go. It was then that I snapped out my grogginess and realized that this fucktard was cattle herding me and a few other people into his car for a $35 each car ride to the airport.

I’m like, what the fuck did he just do to me? Easy. He walked up to and said “You going to LaGuardia?” Before I said yes, he took my bag and put in the trunk. Now, where he approached me is where the bus that cost me $2.75 for the same ride, same distance, and same travel time was parked at. This fucktard just so happened to be parking in front of the bus, intercepting me and other people, which added more confusion to my stupid ass. After I realized what the fuck this hustler was doing, I walked over to his car and took my bag out and walked up to the bus. Fuck face McGoo wasn’t too thrill.

If shit is really that bad, chances are, you are going to be your own first responder. Whether it’s medical or defensive, you’re not going to have immediate help. So pay attention. Not all looters are out for selfish gains. There are a few people who are in genuine need of help and may have to resort to taking things. But is that ok? That is up to you to decide. Clearly, anyone who’s taking a 50 inch TV set is a guarantee chance that it’s not for their children or wife.

Even when you’re not in your element or things are going or looking bad, your sense of awareness is more important than ever.

Florida May Prohibit Firearms Sales During Hurricane Irma State of Emergency

Bang Stick or Boom Stick

So now comes that question, should you load all your guns or what? Well, here’s the thing – don’t ask me what to do. It’s your guns. And this is America. You are free to do whatever your little heart desires. But I will say this, the situation will determine your tactics and therefore select the weapon that is best suited for the task that you can run effectively. Whether it’s one gun or all guns, that choice is yours. Remember, that hot chick knocking at your door in the middle of the night is most likely ain’t coming for a booty call. And with the aftermath of a destructive storm, changes are you are going to be evacuated or stuck defending your scattered shit from looters. So are you going to be able to run all your guns? Or has all your guns been blown away from the storm?

Also, remember the gun confiscation post-Katrina?

And if that was too long ago in the past, check out this newly recent event that just occurred a few days ago.

So if you plan on carrying your guns, think about your mission, goals, and the situation you are in. Plan accordingly.

Seeking Refuge in Shelter

Know that the moment you enter any shelter, it’s like you are entering a government building. Therefore you will be disarmed and detained for questions if you are founded to be armed, regardless if you have a concealed carry license or not.

If you have to abandon your house for a shelter, then it’s up to you to either store your gun in your house or someplace else where you know you can retrieve them at a much later time. Cause you never know how long you will stay in that shelter.

When it comes to shelters, there are plenty of hidden wolves among the sheep. Don’t let your guard down when you are here. Desperate times and hard situation will make anyone do things that they themselves deemed ok, like stealing your bug out bag when you are sleeping or taking a shit from eating them crappy ass ration food they give you. Or maybe it’s symptoms from the CLAP you got for banging that slut hottie you met while being detained.

So if you have to bring your stuff to a shelter, keep it to the essentials. You will be searched and your items will most likely be confiscated if it’s considered a banned item.

Risk vs Rewards

Like everything in life, there are risk and rewards. It’s up to you to determine what is the risk and how much value do you put into your home.

I have friends living on the beach in Miami with a kick ass view of the intercostal and coast line. The suck part is that they are in an evacuation zone. Sure they have impact windows, but that doesn’t mean they are safe. They have to leave when they are given the mandatory notice. But that’s the risk they take. Pay lots of money for a killer view to impress the honeys you pick up at the gun range when you take them back to your place and you both clean guns while sniffing on Hoppes 9.

Or you move away from the beaches and live below sea level or near a dyke/levee. So now you risk flooding. But what’s the reward? Wherever you choose to live, you should evaluate the risk of impacts from natural disasters. And ask yourself, is it worth it? Is it worth to hunker down and fight for your home? Or abandon it and seek refuge in a government shelter?

Besides, who doesn’t like to run around their property naked? You can’t do that in a shelter cause it’s cold in there. And they will probably shoot your STD ass. However you choose, in the end, your life and your family’s life are the most important things to risk for. And that should always be a factor to making your choice to leave or stay.

But if you hate your family, then seek shelter in the Lord’s home.