2015 Reloaded

Another year in the books!

While during 2015 I was heavily focused on competitive shooting, I realized a lot of things about myself and what I wanted to do. I also realized that there are lot of people out there with their own opinions and no matter what, they will consider what they are spewing as the “Holy Gospel” to the art of gun fighting or whatever. Needless to say, as part of being a good student is to have an open mind. Having that open mind will allow you to truly evaluate what you see being pushed on you as either a valuable skill set to use for life or it’s total bullshit that needs to be discarded immediately.

Sadly though I ended 2015 with injuries that sideline me from participating in some more statewide 3 Gun matches. But I’m just hoping 2016 will be more challenging, in terms of mental, physical, and skills building. If anything, I’m just hoping that it will be more exciting than what I’ve been doing up to now!

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Chapter Time Index

00:00 – Bring All Your Gats
01:38 – Return of the Noob
06:40 – Tactical Training Seminar
12:40 – Heckler and Koch VP9
15:08 – In The Shadow of The No Light

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